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Auction seller's journey and FAQs


  1. Submit a listing: Select "List at Auction" when submitting a vehicle listing and our dedicated team will be in touch by phone.
  2. Organise photos: Car & Classic will organise a photographer to visit your vehicle or provide photos for your listing using our easy to follow "How To Photography Guide".
  3. Approve the auction: Car & Classic provides a full listing write up and a suggested reserve price (or no reserve option) which is approved by you before going live
  4. Auction ends: Once your vehicle is sold the buyer's funds are transferred to the Car & Classic escrow holding account and we confirm with you that we securely hold funds for the vehicle transfer.
  5. Transfer the vehicle: Organise the transfer of the vehicle with the buyer and once you're both satisfied, trigger the transfer of the sale funds less commission to your account via the Car & Classic dashboard.

Personalised support

Our Car and Classic team are always on standby to help to answer any questions you have about our auctions


Seller FAQs


How much does it cost to list my car on a Car & Classic Auction? 

All vehicles sold are subject to our minimum commission fee or 5% +VAT, whichever is greatest. If your vehicle doesn't sell at auction, there is no commission pay.


Our minimum fees for UK auctions are:

Cars - £500

Bikes - £400

Reg Plates - £250


Our minimum fees for EU auctions are:

Cars - €600

Bikes - €400

Reg Plates - €300


Photography and Editorial 
Sellers can provide their own photography if they wish, although we recommend using our premium concierge services to maximise the quality of your listing. All auction listings must utilise the Car & Classic in-house editorial services. 

Our packages are competitive, with starting prices of £100 +VAT. These charges are non-refundable and no reserve lots are subject to reduced fees. 

How do I get paid?

Car & Classic is the only online auction to provide a single, safe payment mechanism for both the Buyer and Seller. Buyers are required to pay the full auction amount to Car & Classic's escrow account once the auction ends and are then put in touch with the seller to arrange the transfer of the vehicle. The seller will have proof of funds held before arranging a vehicle transfer - absolutely key for peace of mind when selling online.


What if buyers want to know more?

Questions about the vehicle will be directed to the dedicated Car & Classic auctions team, if there is something that they can't answer or isn't in the description, they will contact you.


Can I decide when my Auction listing goes live?

Where possible we would prefer the auction to be listed as soon as possible. However, you can discuss this further with a member of the Car & Classic Auctions team.


What happens after the auction?

Once the buyer has transferred the funds to the Car & Classic escrow account you will be put in touch with the buyer to organise the collection. Once both parties are happy and have confirmed they want to transfer the vehicle the funds are released to the seller's account from the escrow account.


How do you choose which cars to accept?

Listing are submitted and reviewed by the Car & Classic Auctions team, we'll then be in touch with further details to discuss your vehicle and the auction process.


Can I sell if I'm not in the UK?

Yes! Car & Classic are able to auction vehicles based in the EU and can be run in either GBP or Euro currency.


How long do auctions last?

Car & Classic auctions last between 5 and 7 days.


How do reserves work?

The Car & Classic auctions team will work with you to agree on a fair reserve price before your auction goes live.


Can I edit my submission?

Once your auction is live, you can only reduce or remove your reserve price. All listing details are approved by the seller before the auction goes live.


Who writes the listing?

The Car & Classic Auctions team will write the listing for you based on the information that you provide us. All the details are approved by the seller before the auction goes live.


Can I relist my car if it doesn't sell?

If your vehicle does not successfully sell then we are happy to discuss how best to proceed and if relisting at auction is available.


Can I lower my reserve?

You can lower your auction reserve at any point during the 7-day listing. Please contact our Auctions team at


Can I cancel my auction once it's live?

Once an auction is live it can only be cancelled under special circumstances and will be subject to a cancellation fee.


Can Car & Classic organise a photographer to take photos?

Car & Classic can organise a photographer to travel to your car to take photos for an auction listing. All we ask is that all the documentation and parts are available and the car is clean inside and out.


I am having problems uploading photos in my submission, can you help?

Please contact the Car & Classic auctions team via


What vehicle details do I need to list my vehicle?

We'll need a copy of your V5 and proof of ownership and we'll run your vehicle through a Cazana vehicle check.


Should I take photos of the service history as well?

Absolutely, the more information we can share about the vehicle the more likely we are to find it a new home.


You seem to want to know all the faults. Is this really necessary?

Honesty is the best policy, most old cars need a little fettling. Providing a detailed honest picture of the vehicle from the get-go will help avoid any disputes further down the line.


Do I expect viewings?

Car & Classic Auctions is an online platform, therefore we try to provide bidders with as much information and as many quality photographs as we can so they can make an informed decision. However, viewings can be arranged at your discretion.


How do you ensure bidders are serious, and "tyre-clickers" removed?

A small bidding fee is held against buyers who have successfully bid to ensure that we only get the most enthusiastic bidders.


What happens if the reserve is not met?

If the reserve is not met, a member of the Car & Classic auctions team will be in contact to discuss the next possible steps.


Where are your Terms & Conditions

You can find the full terms & conditions here.

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